About NativeMade™

NativeMade™ is redefining what it means to be "Native" (not really, we’re just making shirts). Though you can't choose where you were born, you can choose where you make your home. Our passion is to understand what makes each of the places we go unique, and draw inspiration from the ones that know their home best, “the natives”! If you are passionate about where you are from, then you deserve to represent it in style.

All of our products are designed and printed in the USA, and because we believe in supporting local businesses our t-shirts are currently being printed and designed in our home state of Tennessee. We value the durability and comfort of our shirts so we only print them on the highest quality fabrics.

Though we currently draw our inspiration from our home town of Chattanooga, TN we strive to gain inspiration from the places we visit and locals we meet. We hope to someday represent cities all over the country, not how we see them but how the natives desire to be represented. If you have some ideas of places we should visit, send us an email at adam@nativemadeshop.com and we may end up creating a design for you. You may not be native born but you can become NativeMade™.

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