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  • About NativeMade

Adam Tetzlaff here, founder of NativeMade. I started NativeMade back in 2016 as a passion project to showcase why I fell in love with Chattanooga. Every design I create or collaborate on is a reflection of my time spent here in this beautiful city. Although I wasn’t born in Chattanooga, I chose to make it my home. To me that means something. It means that when you immerse yourself in the place where you live you become a local.  Along with me you decided to become NativeMade.

All of our products are designed and printed in the USA. We value the durability and comfort of our shirts, so we only print them on the highest quality of fabrics.

Although we currently draw our inspiration from our home town of Chattanooga, TN, we strive to gain inspiration from the places we visit and locals we meet. We hope to someday represent cities all over the country. If you have some ideas of places we should visit here in Chattanooga or elsewhere, send us an email at adam@nativemadeshop.com, and we might end up creating a design for you.